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    Hello everyone. I have an off and on again relationship with my fiance. The last time we broke up he went and messed with my now ex best friend April. I didn’t find out til months later problem is he doing admit to doing anything sexual with her but found a picture of her taking a picture with obviously his phone of her but and her on top of him. He goes to work everyday but in order to get to work he has to walk past her house I’m having trouble getting over whatever happened between them. Now he says he’s not going to her house and nothing is going on although he says that something maybe I’m reading too much into it but still feel like he has something for her and is going to her house I don’t have proof but maybe I’m just worried about nothing but if anyone can sense anything and help me I’d appreciate it. I’m doing the best I can to get through the betrayal even though we was broken up at the time but I didn’t think she would hurt me like that she knows how much he means to me and they both hurt me. My fiance name is erick. Thank you so much for any insight

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