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    Who am i, what is my purpose?


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    I cant help but respond to this question as its a question I feel everyone should be asking. I feel as humans our purpose is to know who we are, we are here to realise our true self.
    Let go for now of wondering what your purpose is, so many people have created much stress trying to figure this out with their head and yet its a question that only the heart can answer.
    Meditate and whilst in meditation ask that question. Who am I? and sit with it and let it come to you. Listen to the teachings of Mooji, he teaches self enquiry that is all about this question. I feel you will get a lot from this.
    You are actually in a great space just to be aware enough to ask this question. You will go a long way within yourself and I do feel deep peace will be felt within you. So dont stop asking this question. you will find the answer and Im excited for you. You’re an old soul bursting to break out of this human entrapment, but don’t give up, if you feel trapped, just sit and feel it, its only energy. then you feel it dissipate. I feel about 10 years down the track you will be teaching this. Do more things creative, you are not utilising your creativity as you are letting your head get in the way that is filled with doubts. Let all that nonsense go and just created anything you feel you want to create, music or writing comes to mind, it will help you greatly. You may not believe that right now, but you have a wonderful journey ahead. So don’t stop asking. You will find the answer. IN the mean time, dont be so serious and just have more fun and creative adventures.

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