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    Is it time for me to go? I’m struggling lately with my home situation.. I’m currently in a relationship with someone I’ve known for 20yrs. We have a 15yr old together, she was born after graduating high school. We separated for 13yrs, and found ourselves together again a couple of years ago. We both came into the relationship with 2 other kids, each. So, together we have a total of 5 kids! Whew! ? lately, I’ve really been struggling, as I stay home and he works. I’m with the kids all day, every day. His kids’ Mom is barely in the picture (she was MIA for almost 6m) and has recently come around again. I told him, that the kids needed their mom, and he and she needed to resolve their baggage and start w a clean slate for the sake of the kids. It’s not fair to them, and of course, they missed her! Thing is, is, her lack of attention has caused ripple effects in our home, and I don’t trust her to not keep pulling the same disappearing act over and over. Before staying home full time, I worked and had my own place, and I miss it just my kids and I sometimes. It’s really hard parenting 5 kids (two of which are not mine) even though I love them to pieces. Ugh, help! I feel like I want to escape, but, I’m stuck. I’m feeling helpless, and stressed, and super anxious. Thank You, for reading my super long post, and providing advice. I have no where else to turn!

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