Recieved Ancestral DNA results, have questions need guidance please!

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    My mom’s side is correct but not my supposed to be dad’s side. I don’t even know most of the people nor have I ever saw them before. I had suspicions so I took a DNA test because there was a major hidden truth in regards to my birth. I died and was resuscitated but there was an issue when this happened because the doctors struggled to save me or keep me alive. There was a legal issue that came from it and my parents hid it until my dad was drunk and spilled a small amount of the truth until my mom attacks him and since he nor she will never tell me what happened. My oldest sister only knows that I never came home from the hospital. She said when I came home I was already a toddler and she doesn’t know where I had been or gone. I have severe PTSD from physical abuse from my parents all my life until the day I left those people at 19 years of age. I have no memory of childhood accept bits and pieces at which I called my parents by their names and not mom and dad, took me a while to call them mom and dad. They don’t know that I have taken a DNA test as I have not spoken or saw them for over a year and we only live 10 min away from each other. I know my mom will not be honest and will only tell me to leave. My dad is an alcoholic so he may be drunk enough to tell me as he was the one to try and tell me something in regards to my birth until my mom ran in attacking him screaming ” Shut up! You better not say it, you better not say it, John!” If he isn’t my dad, I would like to meet my real dad in hopes that I will finally feel like I belong and to learn about him and get to know him. In the DNA test, the only explanation is that my real dad is a cousin of my dad or my dad and his sister are cousins in which my grandmother has birth pics of them all and she has Alzheimer’s and talks about needing milk for my dad and changing his diaper. my dad is in his early 60’s now and I am 40 years old. I am losing sleep and experiencing great discomfort over this. I am not angry at all, just do not know how to approach this situation and if I have a different father, I don’t know if he will accept me if he is alive. I am just fragmented and confused at this point, even my bloodline isn’t matching with my dad’s side as it should. If someone could give me as much insight as they can and some guidance that would be wonderful. I mediumship and psychic channels have shut down and I just keep headaches and nauseating feelings in my gut. I can’t even connect to Running Hawk (a guide/ancestor who came to me a month ago. I pull Oracle and Tarot and keep getting The High Priestess and 4 of Swords and Oracle cards that either say Rest and Rejuvenation or Relax, Rest, and Time for A Nap. I think all this worrying is causing my abilities to shut down and I was born with my gits, I feel lost and separate from myself if that makes sense. please help someone? Anyone?

    Thank you and infinite blessing!

    Natural born channeler and psychic/medium. Very introverted, here to positively exchange energy with others like me.

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