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    Wow!! Those tips on how to avoid scammers are absolutely correct. I saw many people losing huge amount of money to the so-called “psychics” and their lives have gone “south” instead of improving. People should however be careful and make their own research about finding a genuine psychic, such as through a pool or network of psychics, and especially to be very vigilant.


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      Thank you for showing your appreciation. Yes, after hearing so many horror stories from people of their experiences with psychic scammers, we put the guide together to inform people. It’s been copied a lot by others, but it’s a good source of information.

      - Dale Sellers


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      I liked the lesson on psychic scammers. I had an experience with my friend when we went to see a psychic. She brought each of us into the back room separately. The reading was pretty vague. But the funny part was when she got my friend in the room. She told my friend that she was royalty in a past life. Wow! Then she told my friend that she needed an aura cleanse which she offered to do for her. She told my friend that she needed to light candles for her and all it would cost was $250. My friend then asked if she would be able to take these magical candles home and light them herself. The lady said no and told her that she would light them after she left. My friend told her that she didnt have $250. The lady told her that she had kids to feed. You could hear the kids in the back and they kept peeking out. So my friend said she was a student and didnt have that kind of money. The land then told her that she must have a trust fund that she could get money from. My friend got up and we both left.

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