Psychic block

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    i feel strange saying it but, it’s true. I haven’t had a dream of sight for a year and half. I do have feels of knowledge like we all do. Our déjà vu. If I brush against someone I get flashes of them. The typical what they were doing. Under stress, what’s on mind. Even worse kreepy pervert thoughts. Just makes me feel nasty. I guess my intuition is off towards other things knowing what the next card is, what’s next,I feel blind after having this my whole life. I can’t see what’s next future. And I have been able to since 4. I know what my dogs think but totally missed my husbands sex addiction.why is this happening now. I hade a rune reading she claimed I am endangered by spirits but protected by Gabriel. I just don’t understand. My mother passed. 5 years ago my ex 2.5 years ago he was into dark stuff. But till the end loved me.on my mothers side it is passed along frequently. On fathers side spiritual healing is. I have been told I have this. Accidentally brushed against someone and days later the persons arthritis is gone. I don’t know. But I do know I need the whole me back. Any hints ideas please help. Mae

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    There is a foundation known as the SSRF that might be able to help you. The link is


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