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    I am dealing with a psychic attack
    it started a few months ago my roommate stole my hard drive and installed cameras in my house (it sound like paranoia but it really isn’t i’ve confirmed it multiple times)
    i was really mad at him and i said i would kill him he heard me because of the cameras and he got really paranoid and wanted to kill me after
    i think i connected with them telepathically somehow i could see visions of them doing things I’ve had visions before but i didn’t think i was telepathic i just do chakras
    now i can hear their (the roommate and his girlfriend) voices and his thoughts as mine He says he can influence or control my visions (I’m not sure)
    He see through my eyes and see my memories too (he told me that) but i don’t think it’s true.I know he can control my body and eye movements and breathing for sure
    He knows all my secrets. He says he uses NLP too to get me to think . We both think i’m the telepathic attacker since i connected to him first and he started doing chakras after
    and he’s the receiver and he has turned it around to attack me. I don’t think he can see my memories or visions since i am not sending him anything it doesn’t make sense
    i think all he can do is hear my thoughts and lead the conversation where i think of something he wants and sub-vocalize it. This psychic attack goes on all day starts from when i wake up until i go back to sleep
    i have A LOT of questions about this:
    What does he feel like when he sends me his thoughts?
    Can he influence my Dreams?
    Can he constantly see what i visualize or think about or see my memories?
    What does a telepathic attacker feel like is it the same way the receiver does?
    Is it just thoughts or can he constantly see my memories?
    How do you end the connection?
    is it a two way or one way connection?
    How does one control anothers body movements psychically?
    is there a way to stop or block an ongoing telepathic connection?
    How does one tell apart the attackers thoughts from their own?

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