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    I’m pregnant and don’t kno if it’s my boyfriend andres or this other guy I was with when we broke up? I don’t know if I should tell my bf or not?


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    Hi Meagan,

    Wow… what a dilemma!

    Maybe the most important question is: Why did you break up in the first place… and Why are you back together?

    Unless your boyfriend is the most gentle and loving person on this planet he will probably be very angry if you tell him you may be pregnant to some other guy. It doesn’t matter whether his anger is justified or not. He may still be angry.

    If you tell him and he decides to leave you… can you cope with that? If you don’t tell him and the baby has brown eyes instead of blue, etc… that won’t be great either?

    I hope you can find someone older and wiser in whom to confide as this is a very big burden for one person to bear. If you don’t have family or friends you can trust at least speak to a counsellor or find a mothers’ group so that you can look at all the options if you are left all alone literally holding the baby.

    Mothers and babies need all the help they can get. Love is not quite enough when it comes to little ones as they need money… supplies… nurturing. They are demanding and trying. Please get help before you make your decision. Being honest is usually the best way but I urge you to seek help first.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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