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    Hi you all,

    I would like to begin a discussion concerning prophetic dreams. I have always had this gift and lately it’s becoming more and more frequent. I don’t know how I know they’re prophetic when I have’s just this inner knowing that it will come true. And sometimes I quite remember the dream but when the dream manifests itself into my reality, it is only in that moment do I realize that I have already dreamed about it coming true. This gift also runs in my family. Any thoughts on this matter?


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    I too have had same experience. Since I was younger I had dreams of floating to the house like it was a game like I was on the water. The constant reoccurrence of deja vu. And dreams that make me get up in the morning to go warn people I know. And this one particular thing that happens more and more since I’ve had my child is that I can look at someone and unknowingly predict at that moment what is currently going on in someone’s life. I want more control over it before I used to be afraid now I yearn for more.


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      Keeping a good journal should help to open up your abilities more. Right a short version of your dreams each day when you first wake up. Putting your attention on your dreams in this way should open some new doors for you. Keep us updated!

      - Dale Sellers

    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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