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    I would love to get view points on the photo I captured by accident.
    It was a Friday evening. My boyfriend and I were making an evening of watching movies and eating pizza in bed. Our 6 month old son was sleeping on my belly. My boyfriend was sound asleep to my side. I was in awe of how cute the baby was so I was snapping photos.
    One of the photos delayed and I ended up snapping a photo of the doorway. (My legs were propped up under the covers in the photo)
    I went through to delete the pics that didn’t turnout and before I deleted this one something just told me to LOOK CLOSER!
    Upon CLOSER inspection I was taken back by what looks like a female praying at the end of my bed.
    The image may be hard to make out at first, but once she is seen she cannot be unseen.
    I was also taken back by the resemblance this woman had to a 20 year old version of my mother who passed away a year and a half ago.
    I will attach the original photo. I will attach a photo describing what I’m seeing and where. I will attach a photo of my mother in her 20s to compare with.
    Keep in mind it was night time so the photo is dark , you have to have the eyes I guess to actually see what I’m seeing.
    Take it how you want but as a paranormal investigator of 15 years this photo is something spectacular to me!
    In some it might strike fear to capture something like this at the end of your bed, but to me the fact she is praying lets me know there is nothing to fear.

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