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    I have had weird things go on in this house since I have moved here. I have been in 4 car accidents in 6 years 3 of which I wasn’t driving. My mother moved in with me from the beginning. Not even 2 years later she got cancer, and is now deceased. My husband would only visit on weekends, but then completely moved in around the summer of 2017. My husband started changing. He wouldn’t leave the study, he started wearing his coat all the time, and quit working and bathing. I basically kicked him out and him and the dog live at the cabin the last two months. I see him every week and he seemed to be back to his old self until he came to the house Saturday. He became angry and left in the middle of the night. Someone had mentioned maybe someone put a curse on me or the house, and mirrors could be a portal for entities good and evil. So, as I was sitting at my vanity, I realized I had alot of mirrors (9) in that room alone. So, I picked up a silver hand mirror (not included in the 9) and said I reverse any dark energy into a light shield of protection. As I pointed the mirror at each mirror in the room repeating that a mirror on the wall exploded. Since, I really didn’t know what I was doing did I release something. I am sure I hadn’t fixed anything, because as I am asking this question my new refrrig is now making strange noises and there is scratching sounds like on the formal diningroom door. I have put the house up for sale, but anyone who looks at it leaves fast. How can I change this atmosphere?

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