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    Dear all, I am currently employed as a contractor, we have just heard that our contract was not renewed by Neotel, I want to know if I will find employment quick or if I will still be used on other contracts with the same company who employs me Betarisk management.
    Thank you kindly and may God bless you all!!


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    Psychically I feel Betarisk will keep you on for awhile, maybe less than one year but you will not be getting enough jobs, thus you will not be getting enough pay to live on. You have another talent that you could use to turn into an additional livelihood. I would strongly suggest putting alot of energy into that while you still have the cash to do so. I do feel you have other talents, at least one more strong one, that would allow you to make a decent living. In other word, when I focus in on you, I don’t get a sense that you are one of those less fortunate people that have lost a job that they have been doing all their lives and feel they can do nothing else. When I focus in on you I see you working with your hands in a technical and artistic manner. What does this mean? I don’t know just yet but that is what I see. I do feel you have an artistic ability that you take for granted that could prove to be useful in the near future. I hope this helps.

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