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    lately i’ve been feeling that perhaps moving to another state would benefit me in my studies and in my goals in life. do you sense that to be true? what do you sense will happen?


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    As i focus in on you, I feel you are surrounded with confusion, uncertainty and a tendency towards escapism. Because of this, I wouldn’t move just yet. Give it some time-less than a year-4 to 7 months and see how things progress for you. Dont sit in that confusion and wait for things to progress. Take steps to make it happen-buy and complete the artists way book I suggested before, focus on what you want to do in life and go for it without allowing obstacles or doubt or other people’s opinions to stop you. If you don’t do this you will stay eternally confused-then you will never know what to do. There’s a saying “Wherever you go, there you are.” If you move now, you will still be confused, scattered and want to escape the new location. If you stay focused and allow yourself to concentrate and rid yourself of the uneasy feelings, the answers will come. Sit in silence and focus on your goals every day and the answers will come.

    I think you can make a living at whatever you choose-don’t reduce your passion to a mere hobby. I do see you moving eventually but you will have more definition of purpose at that time-not if you move now.

    Take care!


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