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    Hello my name is Jacob W I’m writing you in hope I can gain answers to an obe I had quite some time ago 15 years to be precise, I have recently started studying information about Astral projection and the amazing spiritual advances and teachings the experiences have to offer I have researched this in the past and tried methods to project but I got scared off by some inaccurate information and the vibrations on my partly successful attempt and now a few years later and with astral projection gaining a lot more awareness and a lot more written experiences support and advice I’ve decided to try and ready myself spiritually to try and project again and with my interest in this wonderful matter I’ve revoked a memory from my childhood where I had projected I remember it very clearly and I feel there was a message in this experience for me but I was far to young and inexperienced spiritually to make sense of it I would like to run through what happened in this experience for you in hope you may see the message If there was one, I was 11 years old and there was a new very silly trend in school where people would assist another in passing out by he participant taking 3 deep breaths holding it on the third placing there back against a wall and the other person would place great pressure on the center of the chest of the participant using the palms of the hands after 10 or so seconds the participant would faint and lose consciousness when I did this and had passed out I was immediately at the top corner of the room looking down at myself on the floor with the other two people looking at me trying to wake me up I was a lot higher than the physical limit of the roof of the house I was say 30ft in the air there was very loud music it had a lot of Bass and was very metal like even though there was no music playing in the house I do remember my thoughts I was was not scared I was just very confused at what was happening after a few seconds I noticed there was a black crow flying above myself at the very top of the roof another 10ft above my viewing spot circling around the roof in a clockwise motion this made me a little uneasy as I was not sure of its intentions after watching the whole ordeal for a few seconds with fear of this bird growing and the thought of maybe I had died I was suddenly back in my body I did not experience sleep paralysis or anything alike I didn’t tell many people about this experience and those I did I don’t think believed me, I’m just wondering weather this crow should have been taken as some kind of message for me any information or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


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    Hi Jake, I hope all is well with you. Maybe you have found your answers by now and I hope you have. I have learned that seeing a crow can have many different meanings. Do a google search and you will see what I mean.

    However, in your case I get a sense that the crow was trying to let you know to stop what you were doing at the time. According to what you said you were doing I remember myself and friends in our teenage years doing the same thing. It always worked and afterwards we always felt like we had been worked over. It didn’t feel good. I doubt that it is good for you. You were lucky enough to have seen the crow as a warning and given a choice.

    I personally have astral projected just a few times and not by choice. Each time was a wonderful experience. I know that you can learn how to astral project here. When I get the funds I will start a course that is offered here. Listen to the people here and be assured that the information given is spot on and will only help you.

    Hope this helps 🙂

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