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    Hi. My name is Erica. A medical assisant, a mother of 5. Although I have known I have had a gift all my life, I have reached a point where I can no longer ignore what this is. A lot of spiritual changes began to take place after losing a majority of my close family members. Aside from having a gift I am also a paranormal investigator for 15 years . I have captured proof of the other side on many many occasions.
    I am currently writing a book in regards to science and the paranormal.
    I have had profound experiences ALL my life. Spirit follows me where ever I go and as I grow spiritually I am finding myself feeling bombarded at times. As much as I enjoy it , I also want to understand it, and at times it can cause me some anxiety. I would truly appreciate some advice and guidance from those with like minds. I struggle to understand all the changes so trying to explain it to those who aren’t as spiritually advanced has been a bit frustrating for me.
    This is all new to me as far as finding a community of spiritual resources so forgive me as I learn the ropes here on this site. Thank you! I look forward to meeting some of you and learning even more.


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    Hello Erica,

    It’s great to see you found your way here!!! I imagine being a paranormal investigator has some exciting moments. Your book sounds fantastic. How soon do you expect it to be published?

    Not real sure how to say what just came to me while reading your intro. I too have had experiences throughout my life. I am fortunate that most have been very pleasant encounters. I have also experienced some not so pleasant. I have lately discovered that while experiencing any spiritual connections with other spirits, ghosts, entities, or whatever you choose to call them, people really need to listen to their instincts regarding them.

    I can’t or won’t say don’t interact with these entities because I still enjoy my encounters immensely but as soon any type of negative feeling finds its way into the encounter I now end it immediately. I learned recently how easy it is to ignore warnings and leave myself open to a tremendous amount of negative energy.

    On the bright side since I have found my way here I have to say I am learning to trust my own personal strength and abilities. I am still quite the noob at it but I have high hopes.

    The available resources and better yet, the folks here all seem to be sincere, knowledgeable, and very helpful. This the real deal here. Being around like-minded people is refreshing.

    Anyways good to have met you.

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