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    I have asked to be transferred (not a promotion) to a new position with my current employer. Will this be a good/positive move for me as I still have a while to go before I can retire?


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    Your cards revealed your concerns to be closer tied to your own insecurities than your work prospects. The cards are most auspicious for your lateral move indeed!

    The challenge was the six of swords, which clearly shows a boatman pushing through the lonely waters. Although this journey is the challenge for you, you should face them and move forward and not fight the current borne back to the past.

    The queen of wands in your past show your business acumen has fortified you for this work. You must trust your foundations are firm even though this move is lateral.

    Your points of caution are the nine of wands and the tower in your position of fear. The smited tower of course is one of scariest cards of the deck, signifying total ruin. But like the wheel of fate what goes up must come down–but what goes down also comes up. Your fear is loss, but you should instead view this as a new opportunity.

    I want to especially focus on the strength card here. Because I think it really points to your path for progress. You must find courage in your present condition. Like the alchemist madden you can tame the lion and even cause him to lap milk from your hand instead of tearing off your arm. It is a leap of faith, but not one which should be taken with Kierkegaardian fear and trembling.

    Rejoice! Your outcome is with the king of wands and the eight of pentacles. Your success will come from an unexpected place in your journey if you face it with determination and avoid the quagmire of insecurity.

    All psychic advice in this program is fictional. Any resemblance to actual psychic power is coincidental and unintentional.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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