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    Hi I’m Lulu….two year ago beginning on February 5, 2016….it started that day, my spiritual Awakening and the end of June beginning of July 2016, my psychic Awakening began…. I’ll tell you what, it has been interesting journey I have been on….my psychic abilities starting with the Clair’s… I’m clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizant…which leads me to….the extremely important one for me… Telepathic…which I know you have to be clairsentient and clairaudient to be Telepathic and thought transference and thought projection is sending, mind reading and mental telepathy is receiving. Which I can do all four. I, also, can do remote viewing and astral projection….I also do tarot card, crystal ball reading, dictionaryomancy(same as bibliomancy) readings, i-ching and few others. Well, I’m very happy to be apart of this community…any questions give me a shout…..
    Live, Love, Laugh,

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