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    Hi guys! I’m Britt! I’m new here and so excited to be able to get to know you all. I’m here looking to give/receive advice, support anyone who needs it and hopefully to build new friendships. I’m very open and friendly. I’m the one who’s always here when anyone needs anything. Feel free to say hello 🙂


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    Hi! Your energy is so nice and welcoming, and I think we would really get along.

    I’m Lisa, and I live in England. I’ve been on a spiritual path for a couple of years now, and would love to be able to find people to connect to on a spiritual level – it creates a sense of inclusion and belonging.
    I’d love to be friends and share advice with you!


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    Hi Britt I’m new too just here trying to narrow down n be able to tune in more to my gifts…i feel this is a great idea. All my life I’ve had abilities but it’s the hardest thing to try to explain to people what they are and or give someone advice on what you see from their situation without kinda being looked upon as a social mental case or something lol. I think this forum is great so I don’t feel alienated so to speak. Nice to meet you


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      - Dale Sellers


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      Welcome I am new here as well! It looks like a good online community.

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