My wife has been acting strange

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    I have been married for over 18 years. My wife has been acting very peculiar lately. She hurt her back, lost her job and her father last year. She has been watching online tarot readings on YouTube almost constantly, and acts like they are made for her. She acts like she isn’t happy with me anymore. I think she is confused by these generic readings. She tells me that she’s been getting the urge to do something crazy as she calls it. I know that she has been thinking about cheating on me. Will she act out on these urges? She got a text from some guy, it was a wrong number, but they wound up texting each other over 400 times. He even sent her naked pictures. She talked to her friend about this, but was afraid to talk to me about it. I had to find out on my own. She has been telling me that I am not her twin flame or her soulmate because of what she hears on YouTube. Are we going to stay together or is she going to find someone else?

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