My problem is having close friends!

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    I’ve only had 1 close friend before during my lifetime and it was my ex. But we’ve cut ties. I have none currently and it’s very unpleasant. The only couple friends I do have are just.. The “friendships” don’t have meaning. What should I do? I have no support in life or close friends to tell my thoughts and feelings to. And I know that’s sbmornal, but I am so used to it that I’m able to get through life and have motivation even though I don’t get noticed,support, or recognition. I think that’s a good thing though, I have strength. But I am tired of deprivation of close relationships. I don’t want to be a lone wolf, but i have always been.


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    My former life partner of 20 years slowly has become more and more of a lone wolf. My teenage son is becoming more this way each day. They both enjoy time alone, however, don’t really seem happy in life. I know it is hard to be a partner to someone who’s only social, emotional outlet is you. The pressure is intense. I also know it from coming out of a period of social isolation myself, that opening up to others can be really difficult. It doesn’t work for me if the motivation is solely that I want friendships. It has to begin with a genuine interest in others, and a sincere effort to find what you may do for them as well.
    Inside you are gifts, beautiful gifts. There are people who would love to see what is beautiful inside you. And they also need you to see what is amazing inside of them. There are your friends.


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    I would suggest if there is really no one that you could write in a dairy about your day or in you believe in God enough have a chat with him. He is always there. Or if you really want a bit more human friends, join some clubs which are like minded like you.

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