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    my name is misty (6/19/1979) and i am desperately seeking for answers and guidance. I was involved with a married man (kirk d. page, 11/11/1982) for two years. In the beginning i held strong and avoided the come-ons, pretended i didnt hear the things i knew i was. But i became weak and fell for him. The relationship grew strong, very intense, emotions shared that would only be shared with someone you love with all your heart. We were in contact daily, multiple times a day, beinning each day with a good morn and i love you and ending each day with a goodnite and i love you. We saw each other at least five days a week. Many times i would question his love, asking him not to say things that werent true as i would be the one hurt. Sometimes im sure i could feel his emotions..if he were having a bad day or was emotional, i could feel it and it would make me emotional and he the same for me…if i were upset he was upset..he claimed that he cared so much that when i hurt, he hurts. In the end his other half found out and he just disappeared..ignored my calls and emails..left me so unsettled and many nites in the beginning, i can swear i could hear him saying “feel me misty, please im right here”. I dream of him, he is the first thing on my mind when i wake and the last thing i think of when i fall asleep. i do all i can to distract my thoughts and try to forget him but i cant seem to push the thoughts aways. Please, can anyone tell me if they sense him returning to my life one day? contacting me someday? Does he really love and miss me? Does he even care at all?


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    Wow misty I feel ur pain I am I the same boat it’s sad that this so call man can see how beautiful your heart is ? Wow u have a lot of love to give .

    I am just needing answers in love and my lost love ones !

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