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    I just wanna know what is in my future. Will I ever have kids with my husband? What career am I supposed to be doing? Are my health issues get better?


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    North you have a lot of questions! I don’t think I can do justice to all of them. Here’s what I see in your spread.

    A three of cups in the past position indicates that there is a lot of good that has been going on recently that you are likely overlooking.

    A chariot in the challenge position implies that with work you can obtain your goals–but you really have to take the reigns.

    Also several cards such as the knight of swords, King of cups, and three of pentacles suggest you should seek consul from your friends and perhaps a strong male figure. This is possibly in the quest to find a suitable job. Be sure not to loose track of your own intuition as well–the page of cups is your querant.

    A seven of pentacles also implies that your garden will bloom, but perhaps not in the timeframe you were hoping for. And the queen of pentacles is your outcome–so things will work out with due effort.

    I am not a psychic, but I play one on a forum. Please get a second opinion.

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