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    I wanted to know the possibility of my ex girlfriend and I getting back together due to the fact we ran into each other yesterday and it felt as if we were taking off on the page we left off. It was for an event and she was there and we talked and we hug each other and even laughed a few times and spoke privately. However, I’m concerned because I have an feeling this won’t be my last interaction and she talks about her boyfriend to me and I don’t think she feels the same about him I say I’m single she said she knew it was never going to work out.

    I just want the truth because I feel she and I have unfinished business to handle and work on. Essentially because I still care about her and love her and I want to know what’s the actual way she’s feeling and how can I think about making this process Work? Should I contact her? I just need advice
    Via for the past two weeks I feel that I was getting signs and receiving things from the universe about her and all of the stuff that had happened. My grandfather Larry and my ex girlfriend Aimee were very close to each other and I want to know if my grand father has been sending me signs about her and my life..

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