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    I had a crush on a guy at work but they let him go and we were so good together does he think about me at all since he left ? His name Federico


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    Hi Osmosio36! I meditated on your question and I feel as if you already know the answer to your inquiry in your heart. I feel as if you might have been hesitant to seek intuitive advice on such a meaningful topic for you, but that perhaps hearing it from a third party perspective helps ease this knowing. I feel like maybe this is young love at play, your crush connected with you on a budding coworker level that felt like love beyond that but for him it was just feel-good in the moment. I want to say that if he is thinking about you it isn’t genuine and that there were subtle indications or red flags that you noticed but it was blocked by your strong feelings for him. I want to also say that reaching out to him would lead to love that would not last if at best it went anywhere, but that you are hopeful regardless. And that is ok too…

    Your question reminds me a lot of how I began my intuitive journey…I could give you so many details about that but in all honesty it grew from my insecurities of love. Love was always my biggest block and like you, I searched for validation even tho I had a nagging sense of truth in my heart. When I didn’t get the answer I wanted i’d try a difference psychic. Back then I was really young…A gifted psychic I once visited for similar reasons to yours once asked me if I knew the reason why our rearview mirror was smaller than our windshield. And not knowing how to answer she answered for me…it’s because the stuff in our rearview is behind us (the past)…our windshields are like our lives and we have so much road ahead of us if we are open to looking. And that’s the msg I am getting from spirit that I want to share with you…

    I feel as if you might be so entangled in your feelings for him that you are forgetting to love yourself and to remind you that the most important relationship IS with yourself. Let go of any outcomes and find peace in where you are and what is…I think you will be surprised that when you surrender your feelings to the universe that what is meant for you will come your way. And I promise you this Federico won’t even matter. Trial and error girl. I hope this doesn’t make you sad or upset…you know what you want when you know what you don’t want. And the more you love yourself the more aligned you will become with what will be best for you (even if you aren’t quite sure of what that is for you yet). And you’ll feel it so strongly you’ll recognize it as truth. Sit with your feelings love, and then be truthful with yourself…I think you will feel better about your next step…

    Hope this helps!

    XO, Jessie

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