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    Well I have a contract on my house by the end of October 2017?


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    Hello, I have an urgent question. So many months ago my mother was talking on phone with her sister and she was saying that there was this man (probably a distant relative) who was interested in getting me married to his son (I’m Indian so we have arranged marriages here), my parents were very much interested as well but refrained as I was too young at the time (19 years) and the guy was way older than me (25-26 years I guess but I’m not sure), otherwise that family is very rich and respected apparently so my parents were really willing but refrained because of the reasons I mentioned above. I don’t know who the guy or the family is, I do know that he has no younger brothers that’s all. So is this guy the guy that I’m going to get married to? The reason I say it’s urgent is this family might actually approach us again with the proposal and I want to know what to say. So is he it?
    Thanks in advance

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