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    am wondering when am i ever going to find a loyal, honest, faithful partner and if marrage is going to happen attached is a photo of me Date of Birth is october 24th 1984 name is Daniel Murray Laybourn


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    WhY Why is my husband with me WhY won’t he just leave


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    Well, I feel you deal with a lot guarding, and obsessing. Those are very difficult behaviors for a lover to deal with. You also have a keen ability to read people’s needs and pre-empt them. Which is a good quality. But you really need to work on having more trust in all relationships not just intimate ones and not being so possessive, obsessive it will drive them away which you don’t want.
    I highly recommend you find a Taurus or Capricorn and steer clear of an Aquarius or Aries. I don’t feel anything good coming from a relationship with either one of them. I believe and feel you are seeking this because in fact you have fierce loyalty yourself. You are also a creative genius. Perhaps you have artistic hobbies? Have you ever thought about attending a artistic event to make new Friends and possibly meet your soul mate? I have a feeling you will meet through a mutual Friend and it is related to your creativeness. So maybe going to some of these events will give you exactly what you wanted and also be something you enjoy. Kinda kill two birds with one! 🙂

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