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    Hi my name is Jeanene and I think I could be in love with a man I’ve been knowing since childhood but right now he’s been very distant and I don’t understand why? When I moved to Texas in my highschool days I didn’t see him for like 2-3 years. Then when I graduated and came back home we were all at church and I saw him for the fist time in awhile. I couldn’t lay my eyes off of him, it was like he was attached and I tried to fight the feeling but it was to strong. My heart got butterflies and I thought I was just going crazy. It was like he looked into my soul or something! But a couple days after my aunt saw him at a store and asked him if he wanted to hang out with me and my sis. He said yes and wanted to meet at church but never showed up. It kind of broke my heart a little because I could have went to go see my family on that day. I’m having mixed feelings and want to treat him like he’s treating me but I also don’t want him to regret losing me. I need to know what steps to take with him so I can show him I’m just trying to be a good friend even if he doesn’t feel the way I feel about him right now.



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    Maybe something else came up that he needed to do. I don’t know.

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