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    I am wondering about a man whom I have spoken to for several months online and by phone and recently he flew me across the country to finally meet. We had a great time and he was very good to me but when I got there he was still interested like he had been all these months but then something switched he said he just wasn’t attracted to me because we are different. He knew how different we were before we met. And the days prior he was clearly attracted to me and even one night got jealous over thinking maybe I wanted his friend! So fine let’s just spend the rest of the time as friends right. So that sort of happened but then there were times he’d be affectionate and want to kiss me and other things of course. So when I left he tells me he just wants to be friends. Okay but that’s sucks. Though The day I got back home he calls me telling me his mom wants to hire me to make a painting for her. That’s the other thing his mom knew I was coming and such which is huge right?! Anyway then he goes on and on about how he really thinks I should send him some more paintings for him to take places he knows and get me going in that direction. So why is he doing all this stuff if he’s not interested? Plus he has contacted me almost daily still. And now his mom is talking to me on messenger.

    I fell pretty hard for him before I met him. I’ve had a lot of hardships recently and still dealing with them. So I’ve not been in a good place. But he seemed to see me for me despite knowing all that was going on. He didn’t judge and actually even offered to help with things where he could. That’s what made me fall I think. Not so much anything else. I do sort of think he’s still not over his last heartbreak though he won’t admit it. I don’t know I could be way off but I really believed I found the one so I’m heartbroken.

    My questions if that’s allowed, are basically what happened and can it be fixed? Will we be together? What happened to make it go from one degree to the other literally overnight? I’m so confused and just looking to find some answers to make sense of it all.

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