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    There’s a girl I love named Yesi. We met online over a year ago now and she told me she loved me before she even saw my face. We got close and talked face to face and got into a relationship but after a while she felt I was neglecting her and thought I lied about loving her and she broke up with me. I went through a hard time and so did she, because she never really wanted to split up. She even tried to get revenge on me for hurting her but I forgive her. We have been out of contact for a while now and know she still has feelings for me and had the deepest connection with me then anyone she’s been with recently. She’s just been going from boyfriend to boyfriend without being ready for it. She has trouble trusting me but I know she still has feelings and thinks about me. I want to know if it’s the right time to message her and reach out and maybe not overwhelm her with my feelings but just tell her I’m sorry for before and I hope she’s doing well or something and try to start again. Is this a good idea? Should I message her? I am looking for psychic insight. I would really like the help. thank you.


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    I would message her but like you said dont overwhelm her.


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    I’m not a psychic but I think you should message her and see if you can come to some kind of mutual understanding. Also, keep in mind that online interactions can be much different than face to face interactions and things may lose proper context there. Hopefully, you both have the same spark in person that you’ve had online. Best of luck!

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