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    If you can please please please give me insight on how to handle things in regards to my boyfriends dad whom has been proven to be a liar and I no longer trust at all and I have a very very very hard time whenever my boyfriend does anything with him, even when he just goes outside to talk to him I found myself getting irritated like they must up to more lies and secrets or I don’t know, but I know I shouldn’t be like that because after all that’s his dad, but when my boyfriend seems to secretive or intentionally withholding information, whether it’s because he has something to hide or because he thinks in his head he shouldn’t have to tell me everything, it makes me question if he is honest with me or if he’s just like his dad. I am so insecure in my relationship and question constantly his love for and I know that has a lot to do with the fact that this year we will have been together 17 years and see no sign of marriage even after all the crying and practically begging him to even just buy me a ring!! We have two girls together and I have a feeling they will be married before me! I am on edge all the time over these two situations and I don’t know what to do? More often then not my gut feeling tells me something not right, but then my heart tries to fix it and then I start feeling like maybe I’m over thinking things, maybe I’m over reacting, maybe it’s just me? ??


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    Sry to hear about u,May b u think more that u need to

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