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      Hi everyone? I’m in love with a man that I know loves me too. I know his love I’m for me is real, but I feel like he’s too hard on me at times. I want to work things out with him, but I think we’re both starting to lose hope. He wants me to be more confident and responsible (I want these things too but I keep falling short). I want him to be more sensitive and kind, but he thinks he’s already tried as hard as he can. I’m willing to take him as he is, flaws and all. I’m also willing to try harder to be more responsible and less insecure. If we continue this I need to know that he’ll try to change for the better as well. Please tell me if it’s possible for us to work this out, or if we’ve reached the end of our rope. I’m waiting for him to make a decision right now. I will be patient while he takes time to think, but inside I feel tormented bc I’m afraid that I’m about to lose the person I thought I was meant to be with. PLEASE help. I would appreciate any insight or kind words right now. I feel like I’m losing a part of myself. Thank you in advance ?


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        Client Name: Smilesareeverthing101
        Namaste: It is my highest honor to give you this reading.

        Client intention/questions for the sessions: Let me know the energy of my current relationship. What changes and shifts must be made in order for this relationship to be loving, respectful, and successful?
        Initial unfiltered impressions from the Quantum Field:
        As I connect to your energy, my heart aches. You are in pain because you fear the loss of your beloved. You are seen watching and waiting for his appearance and/or communication (cell phone). You are anxious for the future without him.
        Can the current situation shift and manifest a fruitful partnership? I hear that there is a 70% chance of this being patched up through loving communication and mutual respect. He continues to be interested in you. The energy of the partnership weakens as I travel to the future. However, do not allow this to give up on what you feel is right.
        You are asked to release the need to control. In each of you, the energy of selfishness is felt. Be patient and compassionate with each other. Do not let the sun set on your anger. Have you ever heard, “Let tomorrow take care of itself?” It doesn’t mean you can’t have goals. It means do not worry for tomorrow. You are in love, and he loves you. You have more than most, do you not?
        There is immaturity present in the relationship. Be compassion and patient with him. Forgive yourself when you mess up and get angry. We all makes mistakes, and say things we don’t really mean when we are angry. There is no need for judgment of yourself and him. Let go of resentment.
        People can be hoarders of many things, including pent up resentment. A healthy relationship quickly lets go of it.
        May you serve your higher purpose…to love and be loved. Be kind to yourself.

        All my love and peace, Melinda


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          I’m going to build on what Melinda was saying because she had some good advice. 🙂
          I empathize very much with the pain you must be in. Waiting for someone else to decide the direction of a relationship is agonizing.
          There is always potential for a relationship to move forward when both people are ready to acknowledge their own issues and work on them. There must also be a great deal of forgiveness and patience extended to the other person. And at the core of everything, both people must extend all these behaviors from a place of self love and self security.
          To explain further: you work on yourself because you want to be the best version of yourself and maintain better relationships for yourself- NOT because you will be destroyed if they leave.
          You forgive and show patience because you expect the same treatment and you love that person, but first and foremost you do this because you know it’s not that person’s job to make you feel whole. That’s YOUR job. So you don’t expect them to be ‘perfect’ and they shouldn’t expect it from you. You maintain important boundaries, for sure, but you leave room for occasional mistakes and freedom to be an individual with flaws.
          I sense that you are a very affectionate and loving person. I also sense this deep void you have inside. I advise you to focus on filling that void with love for yourself. You are the only person that can ever entirely be there for you. Ever. When you maintain that, what is right will show up for you. I feel a big warm hug from you guides. A very motherly presence and affection. I feel like they want you to know you are powerful.


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            Hi, I just wanted to say that I hope things go well for you. My situation is not identical to yours but some of the things you said really resonate with me and feel similar. I hurt my man at the beginning of our relationship 7 years ago. Since then I have changed very much into a more decent person and learned to truly love him. But I have made many mistakes a long the way, which is why it hit me when you said you keep falling short. I feel like I can’t seem to do right by him, like I keep making mistakes. He can’t seem to let go of my past and how I hurt him either and I wish he could see through his hurt and realise that we need help to heal. Problem is, he would never accept such a suggestion from me. He thinks his happiness lies solely in my hands. We love each other too much amd refuse to live without each other. He loves me through the hurt amd pain I caused him, and when he lashes out I am patient and don’t give up on him. I just want him at peace so we can be happy. I can truly understand how afraid you are to lose your man. I hope things work out for you as i hope they work out for me.

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