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    After my divorce from an abusive husband of 17 years, I got with this guy from a homeless shelter where I volunteered (I know). He helped with my kids (ex is now dead), fixed up the house and is a really good friend to talk to and all that, but he was just never very affectionate or good at holding down a job. Anyway, things came to a head and, well, long story short, he broke my finger. We’re done, but I’m still letting him stay here so he’s not, you know, homeless. Any chance we can stay friends?

    Meanwhile, I’m totally mooning over my college professor. We’re about the same age, into the same things… I rarely get crushes, and I’m dreaming about him nightly. It’s intense. I’m not, like, visiting his office or hanging around after class, because that would be weird, and I don’t have any questions and I’m not about to complete with 19 year olds for his attention. Yuk. It’s been known to happen, though, right? Any chance of a bright future with my college crush?

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