I think I may have abilities, but need some validation.

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    I’m pretty sure I’m an empath, and I have an INFJ personality type. So I don’t know if what I feel and experience is coming from this, or if there is more to it. I would like to explore it further, but I’m nervous and also not sure where to begin.
    I’ve had a ton of experiences over the course of my life, and I always tried to block it out because it scared me, and I wasn’t always in a good place. I’m now in a better place, and I have suddenly had this strong and overwhelming desire, or honestly a pull, towards knowing more.
    I’ve recently had quite a few experiences of feeling a presence around me – I’ll feel like someone is coming up behind me, and when I turn around, no one is there. Other subtle things as well, I keep thinking I see things that aren’t there out of the corner of my eyes, sometimes I hear and sense what seems like someone walking around my home when no one is here…I feel like someone/something is trying to get my attention, maybe trying to tell me something. I’m feeling very emotional about this and I don’t really know why.
    Can anyone help me, I just need some sort of guidance. Thank you for any help or insight you are able to give.

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