I need some advice (thank you in advance)

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    honestly I just need a helpful insight into what to do in this situation. I believe I am pregnant but I’m not one hundred percent sure and even if I am pregnant I have no clue how to tell my boyfriend. Also taking in mind that my family wouldn’t approve of me being pregnant already so that’s kinda a hard thing to deal with at the moment. It’s really kinda early for me to know for sure if im pregnant but I don’t want to risk my relationship with my boyfriend if his family doesn’t approve.Honestly I feel like I could possibly be making a big deal out of nothing. I just keep having dreams about him and I feel like it’s a sign me and him were meant to be and that there’s a possiblity that I really am pregnant.I don’t know how to just deal with the fact that it’s very likely. I guess what I’m really asking is does it sound like I’m making a big deal out of nothing honestly? I don’t know if I am but if possible is pregnancy predictable like can pyschics predict it ? I use online tarot cards as well and I get similar cards each time and I noticed one card I’ve always gotten this month is The Lovers. Is this a sign? The draw also talks about a man alot and I’m one hundred percent sure it’s talking about my boyfriend because every time it’s mentioned it says this man means a lot to you etc. Honestly I just need some advice about what to do right now (thank you in advance) p.s Don’t worry be as honest with me as you can be please and thanks also I won’t take any advice way too literally so no worries

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