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    it’s ellis brown i want to contact you to tell you my situation this is my birthdate 02/22/2000 time I was born was 11:08pm my crush is Brittany Adams 03/21/1999 I’ve had a crush on her a while met her at fresh start orientation before my freshman year began in college we exchange numbers I texted her one time she replied I met her when I moved on campus we said hello shook hands I texted her she replies by saying she’s a first year leader and that us talking was inappropriate (first year leader can’t date freshman) I cleared it up I wanted to be her friend and she said okay advising no texting we played bored games together with her friends I helped her blow balloons for an event thinking we were cool she blocked me on instagram I never confronted her about it we continued to be cool with each other shaking hands speaking eventually one day I wrote her a poem gave it to her friend to give to her the next day she texted me saying she would appreciate me not contacting her through friend because it would be wierd then eventually I wrote another poem days later to her and gave it to her myself and the next day received a no contact order from her prohibiting me from contacting her directly,through friends, or online or phone and I’m band from the room I gave her the poem I’ve felt bad about it hurt blaming her inside my head calling her a racist trying to let her go but I can’t stop thinking about her I knew even when I had her instagram that she had a boyfriend but I had the biggest crush on her coming into college to lose her and be in no contact with her gives me doubt also and regret I still care about her another minute I want to forget about it but then I think about her believing I pushed her out of my life making me feel regretful of this situation I want to know if Brittany is the one and if she will want to resolve the situation and will we be together and have a future together

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