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    I am having a difficult time right now. I feel depressed, or don’t know what’s happening with me. I can’t focus on studying, and even have problems about focusing on things that I loved before. I get tired really easily as well, which is really bothering me everytime (even if I sleep a lot). I don’t know what to do about this, I can only just guess the cause of this.
    This is the time that i can’t do studying anymore. I do really know that I really should do, because I want to successfully graduate from high school and get a scholarship to a university. I want to study Biology, but nowadays I don’t really care about that neither. I wanted to keep up, and stay strong, but I arrived to this point, when it got worse, and I don’t know what to do now.
    If there is any psychic person here, who can help somehow or figure out what’s happening with me, I would be so thankful. I also want to know, if I can find my passion in this life, and if I can succeed even just a little in witchcraft, because I found out that I am interested in occultism, and was interested in before too.
    Thank you.

    16 yrs old girl, Evelin


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    Hi Evelin!
    First and foremost, I suggest you get checked out by a health practitioner. I think feeling super tired can be normal at your age, which would definitely suck away your enthusiasm, but it would be good to check and make sure you’re healthy just in case. 🙂

    When I feel into this, I sense that your body is communicating something important to you. You’re going through a shift and discarding who you were for an upgraded version of yourself. This can be taxing and takes a lot of looking inward so you can go outward with the right energy. Focus on what makes you feel lighter, more free, more you, a little bit at a time. If something feels off, think about the core reason, then shift your focus on what you can do that feels right instead. I’m not saying be reckless, just follow your inner guide with wisdom.

    Don’t be afraid to let go of old ideas, practices, people and things that don’t resonate with you anymore. Just be easy and gentle with it. Open yourself up to what life is bringing you next, whatever that may be.

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