I dont know what I am. Im new and exploring

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    I dont know what I am. It’s a lot. When I close my eyes, ready to go to bed I see…eyes, faces, and kilidoscope images. In the dark, I dont just see dark, any farm tv affect, not smokey not solid wisps, lines, glitter light sparkles. During the day, led lights give me a headache, I can see the flashing, I can see what I call energy in the air, usually before sometgong happens. I get anxiety or pain in my chest and have to start checking on my loved ones. I hate public, there is too much there. I can read peoples true intentions, feel the feelings. And im starting to wonder if I can somehow…I get alot of “thats what I was thinking, or going to say” and sometimes I hear my boyfriend say things that he says he was thinking and didn’t say outlook. I can hear. Things, I hate the silence, it is sooo loud I have to have a fan when I sleep, my dreams are insane. Different problems with my dreams, some are people I know that look different, places that are melted together as one, places that I know but the landscapes and structures are different. Some symbolic, some real, some I get stuck in, some I control. Idk im losing my mind probably just need meds. I mean I manage and no one knows all of this is going on, I can tune it all out very well. But, I’d rather explore..and I know my whole system is out of walk and I dont take care of myself. I came here because I need a guided start to begin sorting some of this stuff out…I understand some of it some I dont, but I get add and just need to develop one thing at a time.

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