How to stop ignoring my Intuition?

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    I am currently looking back at all the times my intuition popped up-but instead of saying something about it- I stayed silent and just prepared for the worst…
    This habit has ruined my life and tbh I’m ashamed because now I realize that it was the reason my partner of 8 yrs left me. I love him very much and we havvve been improving, hes amazing and i see him being so resilient and patient. We’ve been getting better i just get apprehensive because he’s with someone right now and I just remember the times where i stopped myself from preventing this scenerio from happening because i kept comparing myself and thought i was worthless. …. Its just i get back in these moments where… i’m so scared of conflict or defending myself or being wrong that I dont react when I should. Then the feeling just gets stronger until i have no choice but to voice it… but its always “after the fact”

    Is there a reason why this happens?
    What are ways to better listen to your intuition?
    Its so confusing when there’s so many diff. Perspectives and opinions coming into me when people are around me and act the way they act…

    I’ve been told that this actually is just my psychic abilities growing, and I should be good at the age of 24 (i’m 22 right now) and I’m just reaching out asking for guidance.

    I want to trust myself. So that I can stop making choices i regret… or let people do things that I could’ve prevented to help stress in the long run.

    Thank you so so much for reading!
    There are great grace period where I do listen to my intuition but i don’t do well w interacting w everyone.

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