Hi Everyone.Im new here..My cat Lucy is missing.

Main LifeLeap Café Free Psychic Questions Hi Everyone.Im new here..My cat Lucy is missing.

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    This past Thursday night i was standing in my door talking to someone.I held my stormdoor opened as i was talking.Little did i know,Lucy must have snucked out the door because i didn’t see her the next morning which is odd for her.I only lived here for two years.Lucy and her sister are tortoiseshell cats.Their hair color is mostly black with brown all over the fur.Lucy has a tan colored patch on half of her chest and she has a very thin line going across half her mouth.Does anyone knows if she is still close by or hurt?.Will she find her way back home and if so do you know when?.I have the litter box outside that she was using to hopefully show her that she is in the right place.It was cold and raining yesterday and a little rain might have wet the cat litter,but not all of it.Also i play the cat video she likes and have my door opened a little hoping she would hear it if she comes in the door and i have a laser pointer with a key chain.Whenever Lucy and Lulu heard me even touch it slightly they get excited.I have been using it but i still don’t see her..And also regarding her sister Lulu…On October 23 last month i had to put her to sleep because i was told that she was dying.That hurt badly.I would like to see her around or somehow get some sense as to where she is if i don’t hear her.I hope that all of this isn’t overwhelming.I just want her back home safely and it is getting cold now.I have my door opened late at night hoping she would come in…Thank you all for your time and any help you could give.

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