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    I’m kind of clueless right now… I just dropped out of highschool due to family problems at the moment and I am lost I don’t see a future for myself it’s like I’m blocked off and I’m literally eating any emotion I get and it’s not good or healthy for me (I’m obese) and have pre diabetes and I really …. I don’t know everything is going wrong nothing is going right .. I am so very self conscious and have very low self esteem and no hope for love or health at this point I’m questioning if it’s even worth it going on with life…..


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    Dear Sarphillips777,
    There is a connection between doing what is good for you and feeling self confident, in other words working on yourself. Happiness doesn’t just fall into our lap, we have to grab it, and opportunities for that arise when we are taking action. Is there any chance for you to go back to highschool, or to eventually go back to finish it? It is never too late.Is there anyone you can reach out to about your family situation for some real help? Are there any changes you can make?
    About your weight, I’ve been overweight, and though it is hard to begin dieting even you are surrounded by delicious food, it is your ow habbits that you need to change. Cut off all fatty foods, bread and sweets and the weight will fall off. It is incredibly hard to start, I know, but there are online communities that will help you with this. Once you get going, it becomes easy to maintain.
    The same goes for other things. Be the change you want to see. Try finding strength in you to begin. You have it.


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    Ok so I’m new. How in the world do us new members make any kind of a donation? They start us newbies out with no credits! No friends! And no way to make any friends to get any info about how to get involved with this organization!

    Dickinson, North Dakota

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