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    When I was 27 I was in a very toxic relationship and I became pregnant. He was pressuring me to have an abortion but I didn’t want to their was no compromise so I told him I went ahead and had an abortion and changed my number and had no contact. I did what I thought was for the best for everyone but didn’t realise I would carry and feel so much guilt about what I did that he didn’t know he had a daughter. She is now 6 and in all that tome our paths never crossed but the last 6 months their have been so many things happen where I saw him in the street he never saw us, I kept seeing his brother who I hadn’t seen since we split, his friend that use to come to my house when we were together moved in straight across the road from me and then he appeared on a dating site I was on. It made me think that these were signs he should know about her so I sent him a message telling him on the dating site but I never knew if he read it and knew as he blocked me. Today coincidently our paths finally crossed I’m person and we spoke he was angry about what I did and said that I was selfish for what I did and then said he did not want to ruin another innocent life as he believes he’s ruined alot of lives. I’m not asking anything from him but I left and walked away feeling some what relieved that this secret is finally out but want to know if he’ll ever come round and want to have any contact with my daughter, I don’t have his address have his phone number or anything but just
    want to know if he thinks about could he maybe want to have and build a relationship with her I just feel like things were left unresolved now

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