HELP PLEASE….. I want to badly forget about him

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    I know I’ve been treated wrong by this person… We did the deed.. I know it’s normal to feel attached after that but it’s been a year already,. i hate that I still think about him everyday :(((( i feel trapped I feel my brain isnt the same anymore because of the stressed Ive been to because of him.. I know it’s wrong but I hate myself for hoping we can try to fix it… please I need your words..


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    Hi..sorry to hear your having a hard time making sense of your situation and letting go…I recommend you read up on being in a relationship with a Narcissist..the fact that you stated that your brain doesn’t feel right makes me feel as though you were involved with a Narcissist and the FOG your under will disapate …It is very difficult to recover from being with one of those…I may be completely wrong…but it wouldn’t hurt to read up on it and determine if that indeed is what you’ve been dealing with… and if you determine that is what you’ve been deal with then you’ll be one step closer to recovering from it..


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    You could try to do a psychic “cord cutting” or severing of mental/emotional ties. You can learn some techniques from Google!

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