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    My name is jason. I have been train to change my life for the better recently and have been successful in areas. I saw Thomas John on TV b4 him I never really baught the whole deal.but for some reason I felt I needed to contact him. Needless to say he never responded. So I went looking for psychics or people with abilities to help he understand a what I and going through and dealing with . Because what I speak of is absolutely obsurd (scarry wierd ) don’t think ppl will believe me of I tell them. But these psychics that pay all have been telling me about an upcoming event with a man in my life. They all 5 send me simular emails. I need a real open minded see*er practicing psychic to help. Because I feel there is something like energy or I don’t know how to describe it but it all started at the same time and now I’m catching myself doing and saying things that would never have been in me before .. some one please respond and let me know what you think. J Can Also INFORM YOU Of THE situation. Because I’m not describing it on a board for every1 who reads it thinks I’m hallucinatiNG or crazy…. please help either 1

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