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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Tina and I am 38yrs old. I was born and raised in Canada but moved to Australia after I graduated from High school.
    From a very young age (2) I have seen guides and felt the feelings of others. It started with a very traumatic incident at home. Anyway childhood was very hard for me as I had no idea how to stop any of it and no one else around me seemed to be seeing anything. I hid it all myself included. I was a very shy child.
    I took a parapsychology course here where I learned to manage and turn down and select when I saw or heard but half way through the school closed.
    During my pregnancy with my daughter however the massive flood of images and hearing was so much that I could not function with my day to day life. It was like I was being driven crazy. With great effort I shut if all down and blocked absolutely everything out.
    Now 9 years later I am feeling things wanting to come through but can’t. I am at a loss as to how in fact I can now open back up slowly. things in life for me has stalled and I can now feel the blockages affecting me physically. I am hoping that this course can help me.
    Thank you for listening.



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    Wow! Tina, it sounds as though your gift has been a challenging one to manage! And management it seems to demand, as blocking things is physically jamming up something in your physiology.I know personally very little about the insights you’ve had, however, as a visual artist, I do understand blocked creative energy. When the very thing that allows life force to flow powerfully through me can become sooo destructive if not given room to move. When no doors are open to my heart, when the surges get blocked in my gut, my body bloats…skin holds water so much my belly appears to be 6-7 with child, my fingers like little sausages, and my nose bright red. More disconcerting however, are the emotional experiences of holding in this energy that is screaming to come out. And the twitching. This probably sounds crazy. Perhaps doesn’t relate to you. But it seems that in little ways, perhaps you may create spaces and openings for what is knocking at your door. Community must be important, so you don’t feel afraid of there being too much or perhaps it is helpful in finding it at all. Best of luck!

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