He tells me he loves me but I don’t know what to think

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    My name is jackie I wanted to see what my fiancé is feeling about us My name is jackie guandique 6/7/89 he is Manuel Fernandez 2/19/88 I just want him to feel that everything in our relationship is going to be ok and that we are meant for one another and not to feel that things can’t be fix that our love can make everything in our lives much better than recently. I want him to contact me and show me his love like before and be with me like he always has . I feel like he’s a different person and it breaks my heart. My daughter misses him intensely as well. She never really had a father figure. Her father died when she was 4 and he really wasn’t there for her so she didn’t have that father daughter bond that she has with my fiancé. He walked into our lives and changed our world to something precious. He stepped up to the plate and she’s seen him as her daddy ever since with being there for her in school when she’s sick at her soccer games at dinner time doing homework with her in so many ways he’s been there I can’t finish mentioning if I keep writing . All this happening is breaking my heart and my daughters. I feel like my hands are tied . I can’t eat or sleep. I really want this help from you to see what he’s feeling


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    Hello. While reading your message the word “pressure/feeling pressured” kept popping up in my head. Perhaps he is dealing with some things in life/too many obligations. I do feel he cares but he has alot in his plate I feel. He will come back around when he can get things in order or sort out ,what needs to be fixed. Could any of this be possible? I hope your situation improves.

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