Happiness-is it real or a myth?

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    I’m 41 and lonely! My wife and I separated numerous times the last time in 2011! We are still married and I’m madly in love still! I cant seem to let go or move forward! The marriage was tumultuous at best! She now claims she never did love me yet we havr been married twice!

    This relationship has had a lasting impression on me! I have low self esteem and poor self image!

    I just wanna be happy and move on! I spend too much time alone!

    Will i ever be able to? Will i ever feel love and to be wanted by someone else?


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    Hello fellow newbie 🙂 I understand what you are going through. When I was in my early 40s I went through almost exactly the same thing. You’re feeling lost and lonely is a normal reaction to your situation. Talk to your friends for support if you are able to or go see a therapist. Being able to voice your emotions to someone releases a lot of negative feelings. It takes time to heal but I assure you that you will.
    I know how hard it is to let go of someone you love. It seems to me that you need to let go and rebuild your life. When I had to do that I felt a huge sigh of relief. My ex and I ended up being good friends to this day. So it is possible for something good to come out of the situation.
    Happiness is real and attainable. I too thought I would be alone for the rest life but my creator had different plans for me. Opening up to allow yourself to be happy and loved will comfort you as well. Please know that with time and effort anyone can and will find love and happiness. One just needs to believe that. I feel that you were brought here to get the support that you need. This site has some really nice people here. They some great tools available and some classes that appears to be very helpful which I plan on starting when I have the funds to do so.

    Hang in there and believe in yourself and know that you can be happy again. Keep positive thoughts in mind. That always helped me. I feel for you and wish you well. I know we don’t know one another but with your situation so similar to what I went through, so if you need an ear to talk to I am happy to listen. No pressure or anything just I know it helps.


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