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    I accidentally insulted someone I’ve known for 20 years. This person will not accept my apology and basically cut me out of his life completely because he was angry with me. I am needing to know if this is temporary and this person will change his mind or if it’s a permanent decision that has been made and there is no type of future for us.

    Thank you!


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    It seems that u have done alot in the past that this person was able to by pass,but he wants and needs change. He doesn’t see that ur able to let go of old habits,u trend to push those that wants best for u n u draw more close to those that means u no sorry to say this but this guys as had enough to deal with with his personal life as well as yours n he wants you to move on..he has n he feels better that u wants you gone..he is unable to keep helping u wen u are unable to help yourself…ig u want him back in your life u have to let go of old habits n stop playing victim when your the one at fault…u have to change yourself and the way you think if u want those that u love to be proud of you….i hope ur ok n all is well with u but u will have to move on for he sees no change in you n has giving up…u still wishes for your best well being but no longer wants u in his life

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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