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      Will he come back into my life?
      I met him last year and I feel as though our souls intertwined, I don’t know if he even felt the same connection because our relationship ended abruptly and it was my fault. He was there for me in the toughest moments of my life and not like anyone I’ve ever met. I know he’s gone back to his ex and has seemed to move on but I keep thinking of him. I need some insight


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        It looks as if he will be moving on,he has got upset with the actions


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          I too am also feeling as if he has moved on.. sorry.


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            I have to say that I’m not a psychic, but I think it’s obvious this person has moved on. You were the only one who felt the connection. If he had felt a true connection to you, he wouldn’t have gone back to another. It hurts, I know, but do yourself a favor and try to find someone who will be there with you and for you. Take relationships slow. Don’t jump in too quickly, especially with physical intimacy. Men enjoy the chase.

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