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    Hi the other night whislt i was in bed alseep but awake i started floating about 3 meters up from my body. Although i could not see my body it was almost as if someone had a hold of me picking me up but i could control how high and how low i went! What dose this mean?


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      Thanks for sharing.

      Could be imagination, but more than likely it was astral projection. Most people do this all the time, but only a few are tough enough to remember it or keep consciousness during the experience.

      Next time it happens, think of a place somewhere far away you would like to be. Imagine yourself as if you are there. You might just get lucky and get to travel.

      If you get good at it, you can go places and do things. You can test it – go somewhere and get some information you can research later (to find out if it’s a real experience, and not just imagination). You might be surprised at what you discover.

      You can learn to consciously trigger these experiences, instead of them just randomly happening.

      These things can be good for everyday waking reality, as you will begin to see things differently, from a more heightened awareness.

      Although, don’t get swept too deep into it. Some work on it is healthy, just don’t use it as an escape. I say this because many people get into these things, and neglect what’s happening in the waking reality. It’s no reason to avoid astral work, just something to embrace as you are doing it.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

      - Dale Sellers

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