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    I met someone and we started talking on the phone he talked about how he was really feeling me. So we decided to meet. When he left he gave me a long tight hug. We talked on the phone the next day and he said everything was ok but I am not so sure he will not call but will Text when i text him. What did I do wrong?


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    I don’t claim any psychic prowless and would encourage a longstanding member look at your case but I did turn over some cards for you.

    The tarot indicates disaster but with a happy end of both financial bliss and a happy house. You seem to be in a state of rebirth.

    Notable cards include the pope for your present position which may imply your presence here and potential for metaphysical growth.

    The challenge was the knight of cups which may indicate perhaps not this man but a new arrival or message of some kind.

    The querant was the moon which may indicate a period of delusion before you obtain your goals in work and love.

    Please don’t let your fantasies run away from you and try not to dispair because your setbacks are only temporary.

    I don’t think you did anything wrong. You have a good heart. It is simply a problem about timing. I think things will turn around for you soon.

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